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Georges Fallah

About Me

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I'm currently the marketing manager at Vbout Marketing Technology. I graduated from Zgharta Technical Institute in Lebanon and achieved his BA degree in Hotel Management in 2010. I've started working at the company since January 2013 as a social media consultant, managing daily posts across different social media channels and handling online customers reviews. One year later, I got enrolled in content development and distribution, where my major responsibility was producing different types of blog formats and distributing them on social media platforms. In November 2015, I was promoted to the position of marketing manager and became in charge of social media management, email marketing, online reputation management and analytics measurement. My great passion is to create content that provides value for the company’s target audience. After publishing an Ebook about how to transform cold leads into paying customers, I have recently published a full case study about Shake Shack Digital Marketing Analysis and launched it on various social platforms and forums in order to entice customers, promote engagement and boost website conversions. My major goal is to play an effective role in the company ongoing development and to increase customers' base. My' favorite hobbies are exercising, swimming and reading.

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