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Startup Seeds Voting

Vote for your favorite Idea in Startup Seeds Program 2017

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Voting will close on the 25th of June 2017.

Vote Counts: 1279
Solar panel curtains that can generate electricity for the household or office. These curtains can easily be mounted on windows, balconies' doors or any opening that has sun exposure.
Vote Counts: 1133
A Platform for retired senior professionals to help them find startups or individuals that need mentorship.
Vote Counts: 1066
A wearable device that can detect epileptic seizures before they happen to warn the patient and persons of interests and take the necessary measures.
Vote Counts: 452
Smart Shelter
An easy to build mobile shelter for refugees that improves their quality of life, and helps NGOs monitor that state of the shelter using a data management system.
Vote Counts: 398
Real Estate MS
A cloud-based solution that allows property owners to manage their properties after the construction completion. It organizes all the data and shows a simple view of all that data, flexible reports to the contractor.
Vote Counts: 372
Combining Tourism and learning Arabic. Rahala is a service that targets foreigners who want to learn the Arabic language by providing them with a rich touristic experience while learning the language.
Vote Counts: 342
A mobile application that can help solve the pain of picking a gift. The app allows you to choose a gift from different vendors, find the right wrapping that fits it, and have it delivered to the person you want to gift.
Vote Counts: 301
A search engine that collects and displays information about all clothing offered by renown brands. It helps you find exactly what you're looking for. WearIGo will also suggest to you clothes that fit your style.
Vote Counts: 136
A smart medication box combined with a mobile app that organizes and manages medication for elders, reminding them on when to take the medication.
Vote Counts: 63
Vélo Route
A mobile app for the cyclist community that helps them discover and create new routes for other cyclists to follow and connect with.
Vote Counts: 63
BackEnd Admin
Lightning Fast, Powerful & Most Secured Cloud Based Backend Portal For All Platforms providing a multilingual backend as a service (BaaS) which will empower programming firms and developers with everything they need for their projects.
Vote Counts: 25
Property Street
A platform that helps you estimate the real market price of any property you want to buy and helps you understand the change in market value through the years. It works by connecting you to a certified evaluator and simplifies.