About us

An Ecosystem Under Construction

Who we are

TEC – Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club is an apolitical, non-religious, and non-governmental organization founded in 2013 launched by a dynamic and vibrant team from Tripoli coming from different backgrounds. The club aims to create, foster, and nurture entrepreneurial culture in Lebanon, with a particular interest in Tripoli. It does so by educating students and young inventors through awareness campaigns, and training on idea generation, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, business planning, fundraising and pitching with focused workshops, competitions and boot camps.

What we are doing

We are building an ecosystem to support any entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey. By creating programs that are tailored  to every stage and our culture. 


Our mission is to empower the youth to become a key driver for innovation and economic development in Tripoli & North Lebanon through leveraging the human capital of the city.



We envision Tripoli as an economic hub in Lebanon and the region. Given the existing economic facilities, once invested, the labor market needs to be prepared for such a shift while keeping in mind the fourth industrial revolution and knowledge economy promoted by Banque Du Liban.



  1. Motivation & Inspiration
  2. Commitment & Professionalism
  3. Collaboration & Mutual Support
  4. Pro activeness and Initiation
  5. Innovation

We Trigger, you create

We Believe in Professionalism

By setting up an example we aim to transform our city to enable our youth to become inventors. 

Our Impact

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Meet our Amazing Team

The Faces Behind our Success

Fadi Mikati


Najwa Sahmarani

Vice President

Rami Alameddine

Digital Transformation Officer

Aya Saad

Operations Manager

Siba Tabboush

Technical Designer

Farah Sabsabi

Impact Officer

Melissa Yammine

Project Coordinator

Vanessa Brassitos

Project Coordinator

Majd Yahya

Administration Officer

Karim Chahal

Finance and Accounting Officer

George Rattel

Tech Lead

Rudy Daniel

Marketing Officer

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