The Business Empowerment Unit targets operating startups and businesses struggling to scale or enhance their business models. BE Unit provides the support for businesses to grow, reduce their costs, access new markets, and be more data-informed.

Access to Funds

The Business Empowerment Unit will help your business in the fund raising through introducing you to our network of angel investors or any grant opportunities, thus providing you with the needed technical support such as preparing your financials, your company valuation and term sheet, as well as your investor pitch.

Access to Markets

After setting up the go-to-market strategy with the business coach, the program will provide you with access to local & regional market through Startup Corridor (market access services), digital marketing support, in addition to exposing your business through featuring you in viral online videos, our newsletters, and a presence at Tripoli Startup Forum annual event.

Access to HR

Building the right team is always crucial for the success of your business. TEC will help you build a team with the right skill set by giving you access to the Rainmakers Program (check details about Rainmakers). In addition to candidates referrals and job posting on our social media outlets and Newsletter.

Optimizing Operations

How about you manage all your business operations through one dashboard? where you can administer the relationship with your suppliers, clients, team, and track your sales and KPIs. TEC gives you a free subscription to the in-house developed dashboard by its innovation team, as well as training & maintenance.

Legal & Accounting Services & Government Relations​

Dealing with the government is a headache? we handle this on your behalf. Our Legal & Accounting Clinics will be helping in company incorporation, contracts, organizing the relationship with the government, as well as Tax & NSSF declaration.

Risk Mitigation & Resilience​

What about the current crisis? The program will help you mitigate the risks arising from the economic crisis by building a resilient business model to survive the crisis and maintain your operations.

Eligibility criteria


Once your application is submitted online, a committee of experts will do the screening based on the program eligibility criteria mentioned above.

After being selected, TEC experts will conduct a diagnostic for your business to identify needs and required support.


In order to ensure impact, your business will be placed on the maturity model road map where you can monitor the continuous progress of the business performance.

We will organize a Business-Coaches matching event where you will have the opportunity to choose your own coaches based on the related expertise and chemistry.


Once you are matched with your business & technical coaches, coaching sessions will start according to the diagnostics findings. The sessions are followed by practical actions and deliverables to achieve the agreed milestones on the road map.

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