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Abd El Rahman El Kaderi
I am a computer science student acquired a full scholarship at AUB; I am highly skilled at Collaboration and Teamwork, Communication and Negotiation...
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Abdallah Al Assaad
A creative network engineer. Currently work as a field officer in a local NGO namely Akkarouna. I'm passionate about technology and social work...
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Abdul Rahman Naboulsi
I am a senior Civil Engineering Student at Beirut Arab University, had a fair share of experience in the entrepreneurial journey. I believe...
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Abdulkarim Kazzaz
An Avid Reader, passionate learner, obsessive student and entrepreneurship and a business enthusiast. Certified Relational Dynamics Coach from...
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Abdulkhalek Zohby
An Intrapreneur and Finance & Accounting Officer with more than 3 years background in different private industries and sectors outside Lebanon....
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Abed Agha
Abed has more than 18 years of multi-disciplinary experience in technology, media, and financial services having worked with leading institutions in...
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Achraf Al Faraj
Dr. Al Faraj is currently the Chairman of Radiologic Sciences department and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences, American...
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Ahmad Chauk
I am an enthusiastic developer with an experience in Android and IOS app development. I am eager to expand my horizons and meet new people from...
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Ahmad Allaf
A passionate mechanical engineer who moved from Kuwait and continued school in Lebanon. Joined the University of Balamand in the mechanical...
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Ahmad Yaghmour
Angel investor
I am a part of a company that creates and sells software to people in the US. I am interested in investing in startups.
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Ahmad Moustafa
I am a consultant holding an MBA degree in Health Management from Saint Joseph University and a BS in Physiotherapy from the Lebanese University. I...
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Ahmad Kerdi
Indie game developer. has been an IT Manager for 15+ year. Senior developer for 5+ year in ERP systems. 10+ year experience in 3D modeling and...
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Alaa Merie
Solid experience in auditing, finance and HR across several sectors in Lebanon and Canada. He holds a Master of Business Administration from the...
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Alaa Mrad
Alaa is a passionate Economics and Business Subjects Teacher who has been teaching for the past 5 years in High School and Technical College in...
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Alaaddine Rifai
Experienced Marketing and Communication Specialist, certified in Digital Marketing with a demonstrated history of working in the various industries....
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Alexandre Khouri
I am a Lebanese French national originally from Akkar who was born in France and grew up there. 2008 I moved to Lebanon, studied BA and Master in...
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Ali Ali
Ali is a Biomedical Engineer. He graduated from the Lebanese International University in 2016 with M.S in Biomedical Engineering. He successfully...
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Ali Rafei
Having an extensive experience in communication with a thorough focus on creative thinking and arts. My work has been featured in several renowned...
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Amena Shaker
I am an MS graduate in Energetic Physics from the Lebanese University. I have some experience in energy system calculation ;and I have done many...
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Amira Naboush
Amira Naboush Visual Communication & Web Designer I'm creative senior designer based in Tripoli, Lebanon. My line of work involves...
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Aya Saad
Aya Saad, a young intraprenuer that is currently working as a Project Officer at TEC. She received her Master 1 degree in Finance from Lebanese...
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Bader Lababidi
It's Bader Lababidi 4th year mechanical engineering , an enterprising young student with good communication skills, enthusiastic. started my...
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Bakhos Sayssouk
Bakhos developed Machine Learning algorithms for financial data analysis, accelerated 20 folds a “house made” algorithm using unsupervised and...
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Bilal Al Said
I'm a Mobile App Programmer and SEO specialist, I have a Dream and some day will come true I Love Reading and Football
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Dania El Adhami
Dania El Adhami, a 27 years old Production manager/ 3D creative director/ Animation consultant from Tripoli Lebanon. She has been working in the...
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Diana Kobayter
Diana is the Founder of the startup “Zouyouti, oils & beyond”, a brand that has tapped into a renowned family business of olives cultivation and...
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Fadi Mikati
Fadi is a community builder, a networking enthusiast, and a social entrepreneur in the making. He is the Co-Founder and President of Tripoli...
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Fadi Majzoub
Fadi Majzoub is an internationally certified ActionCOACH Business Coach, with extensive professional experience in organizational development,...
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Fahd Jamaleddine
Co-founder & Director at Inspiration Garden BS - Mathematics at the University of Balamand. (spring 2016) Fellow at Teach for Lebanon (June...
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Farah Chaaban
Electrical engineer graduated from the lebanese university Working as web developer at Neotic
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Farah Smaily
Graduated with an Economics from AUB and mastered in Global Entrepreneurship in the University of Southampton. I'm working on an entrepreneurial...
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Fatima Khaled
I hold a Master’s degree in Architecture from Beirut Arab University; I undertook multiple positions as a designer, executor and supervisor at SHAMS...