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Digitalizing Tripoli

Event Description

We can all see how the world is moving forward.

And we are as well! BUT it is slow!

Shaping Tripoli wants to change that

In this Ideation workshop will tackle what is old in Tripoli and make it new and Trendy. 

From Digitilizing taxis to no longer using keys to access doors, there are so many things that can get better using technology.

Instead of waiting for us to catch up to the world, how about we try to be a step ahead.

<strong>What we will do :</strong>

We will identify industries that need a technological intervention</li>
Come up with ideas that could make these industries</li>
Create a prototype for our ideas</li>

<strong>What Happens After the Workshop:</strong>

Eligible ideas will be shortlisted to an intensive Bootcamp, followed by training and funding to make the idea come to life.</li>

<strong>How will it benefit you:</strong>

This is a step forward for you to launch your own business with the support of experts and organizations.

You no longer have to keep chasing opportunity. You will become the opportunity.

More Details

Place: Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club
Location: Tripoli, Mina Roundabout, Next to linea Verde
When: Saturday September 7th at 10:00 AM

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