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Innovate for Energy

Event Description

Innovate for Energy ideation workshop will help you create solutions and solving problems related to energy consumption. Solutions that can eventually be turned into startups.

Ideas generated in the workshop will be eligible to enter the innovate for energy boot camp sponsored by Concern International.

If you are an engineer or a professional who specializes in the field of energy, then this workshop fits you best.

What will you learn:

-Identifying challenges in the world of energy
-Learn to identify business opportunities where other people can only see problems
-How to understand the problem to formulate a better problem analysis
-Use creative tools and techniques to generate great ideas
-How to know which idea to pursue
-Create the right business model for your idea to make it feasible

More Details

Place: Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club
Location: Mina Roundabout, next to Linea Verde and Chammas Textile
When: Sunday May 19 2019 from 11 AM - 4 PM

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