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7 Reasons to attend Tripoli Startup Forum 2018

Jun 20 2018 - 11:49

Nowadays and amongst the younger generations specifically, individuals talk about employment and how it limits their skills and abilities due to the hierarchical structure that most of the times dictates the tasks. These same individuals, however, discuss entrepreneurship and wish to be independent enough to start their own brain-child company, business or institution yet little from their part is done to actually take the first step towards achieving the goal. 

Now is the time for all that to change with the revolutionary Tripoli Startup Forum in its 3rd edition! 


Given all the following reasons, attending this innovative event would be a game-changer: 

1. Panel Discussion: professionals from various fields will discuss several topics that attract all audiences alike; from tech and business trends to investment readiness will prove to be subjects that wantrepreneurs can feel enriched by. 

2. Debate: shifting the mindset will be the debate point of top academic professors, deans, students and startup founders with all their combined knowledge and experience offering the most informative debate any audience can ask for. 

3. Network: with the presence of over 50 exhibitors, 12 innovative Tripolitan startups, top speakers from different fields, organizations seeking to support the entrepreneurial journey and many other surprises economic and societal figures, your network is there for the growing. 

4. Pitching:
many startups, each with specific mission and vision will be pitching their ideas, products or services to an experienced committee that will choose a prize winner, why not participate with the decision yourself and let your inspiration lead the way? Witness the fun yet practical presentations about innovative ideas and products while also having your say in the matter. 

5. Artistic Performance:
 with the harnessing of technology, artists Luigi Cavallito and Patricia Hlayhel will explore the concept of what it means to be human through their unique storytelling that relies on music, dancing and moving the soul using the same cutting-edge technological tools that the artistic piece will navigate through. 

6. Learn: know-how topics and technical subjects regarding the entrepreneurship world such as crowd funding, legal process for startups, software development and social innovation throughout several workshops that will take place during the forum. 

7. Fun: who said that attending such a big economic forum cant be fun? An event with many cool and entertaining subjects to be tackled will surely make your day. 

Got your tickets yet? 

Rami Jaber 
Social Media Specialist/Content Writer

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