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Jul 2 2019 - 17:22




  About Rainmakers


‘Rainmakers’ is an empowerment and market readiness program powered by Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club that helps senior university students and fresh graduates by providing with

technical, business and essential trainings and then match them with startups in North Lebanon through an internship program to kick-start their professional journey.



The Main components of the program are the below:

  • Rainmakers is a series of courses, trainings and bootcamps designed to expose the students to the entrepreneurial world and train them on key Startup Skills such as Problem Solving, Project Management, Sales & Marketing, Software Engineering, UX/UI etc. The objective is to equip and guide the graduates and students towards the required needed key skills for a startup job.
  • 3-month challenging internships with startups from North Lebanon will be conducted at the end of the training phase in many areas such as Marketing, coding, business development and design etc.


Eligibility Criteria 

  • The participant must be a fresh graduate or a senior student enrolled in a Masters Program in any Lebanese University
  • Participants must be resident in North Lebanon during the Internship phase
  • Participants must commit to the 3-month internship phase


Program Description & Timeline


July 2019: Application Phase & Screening of participants





Applicants will be assessed based on the strength of the application – including their needed skills, their motivation, their educational background and availability.


August 2019: 2-month Technical & Business Training


25 different participants will have the chance to attend 4 technical & Business trainings such as Software Engineering, Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, User Experience – UX, Finance, and Business Development etc.

September 2019: 4-day Bootcamp



25 participants only will have the chance to participate in 2 different Bootcamps (2 days each) focused on Essential skills and knowledge required in the quality jobs labor market such as Problem Solving, Project Management, Self-Management and Communication etc.


Mid-September 2019: 2-day retreats

The participants will have the chance to take part of the 2-day transformative retreats to enhance their leadership skills, focused on ensuring increased levels of personal vision, pro-activeness, and productivity.

October – December 2019: 3-month Internship phase


Startups in Tripoli & North Lebanon will be matching with the qualified senior students for internships. The participants will choose their 3-month internship period as per their availabilities (Fall 2019, winter 2020, spring 2020 or summer 2020).

Do you want to become a Rainmaker? Apply before August 4, 2019. 25 participants will be selected to take part in each training course.
Any questions or concerns may be addressed to Melissa Yammine at myammine@tripolientrepreneurs.org


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