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Shaping Tripoli

Aug 30 2019 - 14:55

As part of the social entrepreneurship program of “NAWAT” Consortium, Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club (TEC) is currently accepting applications from eligible organizations for a program entitled  “ Shaping Tripoli”.
This program aims to adopt missions, create and sustain social values. Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club (TEC) will incorporate new business practices into the program to help the enterprises maximizing their financial returns while growing their social ventures and reaching more people in need.
Eligible social enterprises are invited to apply to this program. Experienced facilitators, mentors and trainers will be available to offer all the needed support.
“Shaping Tripoli” will provide hands-on support and further business support by professional consultants to existing social enterprises in terms of:
  • Fundraising
  • Digital marketing
  • Planning and measuring the impact
  • Revenue model alternatives
  • Sales
  • Pitching and networking
  • Design thinking
  • Financial and cost management
There are two tracks in the program one for 2 years and above programs
Selection criteria for existing startups:
  • Applicants shall be existing enterprises with a high social impact
  • Operating in Tripoli
  • Established since at least 2 years
  • Creation of direct or indirect job opportunities
Selection criteria for New startups
If you are a college student or an innovator or an entrepreneur who has an innovative idea with a high social impact in the area of textile industry, digitizing the city and access to markets for food innovations, technicians and home-based businesses, Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club (TEC) invites applicants to submit their proposal. Up to 15 successful candidates will get a chance to participate in (funding, incubation, technical support)
How to apply

Applicants have to fill the attached form along with supporting documentation by September 8, 2019 at 5:00 pm
Only shortlisted initiatives will be contacted within a week of the submission of their application for an interview.
To apply please fill in this Form: https://forms.gle/12bk4gUTPMrivigPA
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