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Startup Seeds Acceleration Program 2016

Aug 29 2016 - 15:57

Phase 1: Idea Generation Workshop

Albums :  1 - 2 - 3 The workshop was designed to guide young entrepreneurs through the process of both, idea generation and validation. They learned how to assess of their ideas are market ready to the target population they were going to serve. This intensive workshop provided the tools and skills to improve the ideas, come up with new ideas and find potential partners through hands on exercises to give the practical sense and theories of how creativity is processed in the mind. Workshop Outline: - Core Idea of a Business - Steps Involved in Business Idea Generation - Identifying the Trends - Identifying the Market Segment to initiate - Creative Thinking - Introduction to Business Model - Validating your idea  



Phase 2: Bootcamp

Albums : 1 The bootcamp was held in Deir El Oumara at Deir El Amar from the 3rd to the 6th of March.A total of 23 participants forming 16 teams were hosted. Participants received a 4-day intensive training and guidance from experts on how to understand their business components better thus preparing them to write a comprehensive business plan in the mentorship phase. The bootcamp included 10 training sessions and several team building activities. The topics covered were:
  • Idea Assessment
  • Value Proposition
  • Market Analysis
  • Ecosystem in Lebanon
  • Go to Market Strategy
  • Basic Financials for Startups
  • iSME presentation
  • Business Representation
  • Pitching Workshop

Participants were required to submit the booklets they worked on during the bootcamp out of which 10 ideas were selected to continue for the mentorship phase.


Phase 3: Mentorship

10 teams were qualified to the mentorship phase in order to write a full and comprehensive business plan in addition to building their prototypes. 10 mentors from Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club advisors and experts were assigned to help the teams go through the mentorship phase with a weekly follow-up by TEC team


Phase 4: Pitching Festival

Albums : 1 The Pitching Festival was the last phase of Startup Seeds Acceleration Program. Qualified teams had 4 minutes to pitch their ideas on stage. The ideas were graded; 50% on the submitted business plan, 40% on grades given by jury, and 10% on the public voting.

Pitching Festival Jury:

  • Dr. Oussama Ziade - Executive Coach at Intelligile
  • Ms. Asmahan El Zein - Partner and General Manager at Infofort
  • Mr. Nasri Mouawad - Vice Director at BIAT
  • Mr. David Nabti - Chief Entrepreneur and Organizer at AltCity
  • Mr. Karim Soueissi - Fund Manager at Theemar Tarablos
The winning teams were:
  1. Kids Lab team won the first prize with a seed fund of 10,000,000 LBP granted by Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club
  2. Off the Wall team won the second prize  with a seed fund of 5,000,000 LBP granted by Theemar Tarablos
  3. Siraj team also won a second prize with a seed fund of 5,000,000 LBP granted by Ibdaa Micro Finance
  4. Manara team won a third prize with a seed fund of 3,000,000 LBP granted by Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture in Tripoli



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