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Tripoli Entrepreneurs Meetup

Aug 29 2016 - 16:21
​It's been few months since the last 'Weekly Entrepreneurs Brunch' where it all started. We're happy to announce that our regular meetups are back! This time we will be meeting once per month. The schedule is of the meetup is the following:
1) Networking and Introductions: what you do, and who you're aspiring to be
2) Main Topic of the Meetup that is discussed by everyone For the first meetup we will keep it open and share our experiences, challenges, and aspirations.
3) The Pitch Pot! The meetup will be casual and fun. We start at 5:00 pm sharp and the program should end around 7:00 pm. However, we might stay even longer and continue the conversation. Location Details: Alkindy, Minot Street, in front of Beit El Nessim - El Mina , Tripoli
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