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The young entrepreneurs program 2014

Aug 29 2016 - 14:21

About The program

Launched in 2014, the Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP) is an annual program organized by TEC. It consists of four Phases:

1- The Idea Generation Phase Albums: 1 - 2 - 3

During this phase, TEC organises 4 workshops across a period of 6 weeks. The 'Idea Generation Workshop' is an interactive workshop designed to introduce the participants to several idea generation techniques and guide them to develop their own ideas.

2- The Bootcamp

Albums: 1 - 2

A 3-Day intensive Business Planning Program: workshops, seminars and activities designed to encompass the whole process of transforming an idea into a business and take the participants a step further towards building their own start-up through enhancing:

2.1- Competence

Sharpening important skills needed to build a solid business plan such as:

- Building a team

- Conducting a Feasibility Study

- Marketing and Sales Strategy

- Developing a Financial Plan

- Selecting the most appropriate legal entity form

- Presentation and Pitching Skills

2.2- Connections

Connections are key to a thriving business.

Participants work alongside like-minded people who might be their future business partners and receive training from potential mentors and coaches. The team spirit will be enforced by team building activities.

3- Business Plan writing and Mentorship Graduates of The Young Entrepreneur Bootcamp are all invited to apply to this phase, be it with the groups they formed during the bootcamp or with other teammates. During this phase, 10 teams are selected and assigned a mentor each to guide them through the process of developing their business plan during a period of 6 weeks. Albums: 1

4- The Closing Ceremony At the end of the third phase, the teams are requested to submit their completed business plans. They are invited to attend a workshop on How to Pitch to Investors and prepare their own Business Plan Presentations that they will present in front of potential investors and business veterans in the closing ceremony. Albums:1

5- Acceleration Phase Out of the 10 finalists teams that reached the fourth phase, one team is selected to undergo the 6-month acceleration phase.


The Young Entrepreneur Program is open to students and young professionals who are passionate and committed to start their own business. The Program is ideally suited for 17-35 year olds; however, if you are slightly out of this age range, you can still apply and let us know why we should make an exception. Timeline Applications for YEP2015 will be open in March.

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