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Community Developer

Job description

Job Title: Community Developer

Base: Tripoli Lebanon

Reports to: Business Development Director

Duration of Employment: 12 months (renewable)


Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club is currently looking for a Community Developer reporting to the Business Development Director. This position is based in Tripoli with occasional commuting to Beirut & different Lebanese regions.

Role Summary

The Community Developer is responsible for the development of TEC community and incubation space in addition to managing partnerships with different stakeholders.


Duties & Responsibilities


  1. Growing & Managing TEC community and ensuring members engagement
  2. Growing & Managing SME community partnerships and designing a relationship for mutual benefits
  3. Working closely with incubatees, assessing their needs and taking actions accordingly
  4. Recruiting new talents for TEC programs and activities
  5. Managing TEC co-working space and preparing the events logistics
  6. Working closely with TEC President & Business Development Director
  7. Building & developing partnerships with entrepreneurship stakeholders in Lebanon & abroad
  8. Communicating with media and preparing press releases
  9. Overseeing the day-to-day operation of TEC Co-Working Space facility, including recruiting potential tenants, and assisting in screening potential ones
  10. Representing TEC to the public, outside organizations, universities, businesses and other local organizations
  11. Identify funding sources for startups requiring financial assistance
  12. Assist in coordinating facility operations
  13. Assist with other administrative tasks as needed




  1. Effective and engaging communicator, with a passion and enthusiasm for supporting entrepreneurs to achieve their ambitions.
  2. Excellent spoken and written English and Arabic.
  3. A true believer in change and Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club’s mission & values.
  4. Passionate about startups, entrepreneurship, and nurturing a vibrant and diverse economy in the Tripoli and region.
  5. Thirsty to learn about entrepreneurship and reading related books.  
  6. Proactive, creative thinker, and problem solver with an innovative approach.
  7. Driven with the ability to take the initiative to make things happen.
  8. A networking enthusiast with a very extroverted character.
  9. Fast learner and able to work under pressure.
  10. Research and report-writing skills and the ability to interpret or present data.
  11. A non-judgemental and positive attitude.
  12. The ability to work independently while demonstrating a positive, purpose-oriented work ethic and enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment in assisting local startups to form and grow.
  13. Creative and innovative in event production support and space management.
  14. Energetic, energetic, and energetic.
  15. A Dreamer & Doer.


Career prospects

Opportunities for growth arise from within. Not to expect a conventional career path.

Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club provides its team with a foster environment to co-create and contribute to its decisions. At TEC, everyone has room for growth once we realize the sense of ownership.  

The position will open doors to get introduced to the world of entrepreneurship locally and regionally, and all its related stakeholders such as startups, SMEs, educational institutions, support organizations, media agencies, funds among others.  


Kindly send your CVs to info@tripolientrepreneurs.org after filling the application below:






Posted on: 05 Nov 2018
Opportunity Type: Jobs