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Job description

1. Develop and maintain plan for organization's Internet presence, based on management priorities, policy directions, and goals.
2. Perform continuous enhancements and modifications to blogs.
3. Assess new standards, technologies and trends, and formulate plans for future enhancement to blogging strategies.
4. Use latest syndication and blogging tools with HTML, when appropriate.
5. Ensure blog(s) are accessible from a variety of different environments.
6. Produces a consistent visual image on blog(s) including maintenance of templates and image archives.
7. Ensure images are delivered to the viewer at sufficient high speed and quality.
8. Creates image links and ensure links are up to date.
9. Troubleshoot and repairs bugs and problems.
10. Respond promptly to blog comments and email
11. Provide metrics of traffic statistics, reports and blog comment feedback to appropriate areas.
12. Research, write/edit and create layout for new articles and features.
13. Act as liaison between blog readers and corporation
14. Interface collaboratively with web design team to insure cohesiveness between blog(s) and corporate web site.


Posted on: 14 Jan 2018
Opportunity Type: Jobs
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