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Description About BambooGeeks

Our aim is to empower youth to launch a career in programming and providing a model to motivate girls into entering that field! The symptoms : The world today needs more programmers than ever! In Lebanon many programmers are unemployed even though companies are desperately seeking programmers Fresh programmers are stuck in the vicious loop : Need Experience To get Experience Companies struggling in retaining programmers Our theory of the causes: There is a GAP between the diverted courses given at universities, and the REAL market needs in the programming industry. Programmers have no idea "where" and "how" to start their careers Internships are rarely actually beneficial for students as they don't go into real projects The misconception that programmers are allowed to lack all communication skills: which I also believe is a main reason why female fear seeking that major! Our Solution: Turning Programmers into Bamboo: Bamboo the evergreen plant known for it flexibility / adaptation skills and fastest growth. How? Through Immersive coding bootcamp where we focus on building personalities and mindsets and not only technical skills. And finally connecting programmers with the hiring companies, who will trust our coding bootcamp to provide them with the expertise they need. We aim to provide all the eco system with the needed competent programmers with the right mindsets and attitudes ! Train fresh programmers on the real tools and best practices adopted in international companies


Founded in 2015
10 Employee(s)
Software And Internet