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Description About Carpolo

Carpolo aims to become a search engine for un-used car space by incentivizing drivers to list their empty car seats on our app. Carpolo will be launching its B2B SAAS solution that serves medium to large institutions. Carpolo allows our institutional clients to decrease their parking spots dependency and incoming traffic, while rewarding each carpooler on their carpooling behavior. Our platform will allow us to generate a core user base by creating carpooling communities for existing communities (Institutions, Banks, University) who have similar daily commuting behaviors. Each carpool completed will give reward points to all the members of the carpool; whether driver or passenger. Such points are then redeemable through our Rewards Portal inApp. Rewards on our platform will be available per institution; enabled on our Analytics Dashboard for each institution, or through our retailers that will give discounted prices as part of an initiative to be discussed later. Points are measured based on rating, green distances travelled (whether a carpooler shared their ride) and the frequency of carpools completed.

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Founded in 2015
6 Employee(s)
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