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Description About Siraj Akkar

SIRAJ is a vibrant and collaborative social and coworking space that provides students, professionals, and entrepreneurs in Akkar a creative and resourceful place to work and grow through developmental programs and shared-facilities. It instigates the culture of innovation, creativity, and collaboration and serves as a local ecosystem bringing talents together to share expertise, develop, and connect with local and international organizations. It is a youth-driven enabling platform for social and economical developmental initiatives. It is also an isolated and quiet haven for them to study, read, work, and socialize with like-minded individuals. SIRAJ is a space to create and empower agents of change by bringing them under one roof and providing them access to technological and developmental resources, entrepreneurial tools, and job-creating initiatives while fostering integration among them despite their religious/political beliefs and nationalities. It aims to become the channel that offers visibility on the national and international level into the youth-community of Akkar and in return expose this community to the outside world with all its resources.


Founded in 2017
5 Employee(s)
Business Services