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Description About Ubility

Ubility provides a cloud solution for mobile operators to enable them to transform their business from traditional voice centric business model to a digital centric business model. One of the main challenges facing today’s mobile operators is the continuous decrease in ARPU, the average revenue generated from a mobile subscriber. Indeed, while it reached 22€ in 2008 in Europe, it declined sharply to 11€ in 20151. This is due to multiple factors. First, the entry of smartphones opened the door to disruptive newcomers. Over The Top (OTT) applications (e.g. YouTube, Facebook) allowed mobile subscribers to use less voice and SMS services, typically the main revenue generator of operators. Instead, they are shifting to Voice Over IP (VOIP) and messaging (e.g. Skype, Viber, Whatsapp). Second, operators face increasingly larger capital expenditure requirements to enhance their communication infrastructure in order to cope with the explosive demand for bandwidth generated by these applications – without benefiting from the upside! Third, the telecom industry has become extremely competitive. Loyalty for customers is today defined by better and more attractive offerings and services. In this context, operators are seeking to reduce their reliance on the waning voice and messaging revenue streams. Instead, they are searching to get more revenues from their data (Internet) network by innovating new offerings and business models. They are also seeking for solutions that enhance their customers’ experience and increase their customer base. This requires a total replacement of the operators’ existing IT business platforms (responsible of the offers management/creation and user interaction/engagement). This replacement is called the “Digital Transformation”. Ubility software provides the required modules in order to enable operators to perform the “Digital Transformation”.


Founded in 2013
6 Employee(s)