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Yasmine. M Fashion design

Description About Yasmine. M Fashion Design

Yasmine M. is a fashion design company established in 2011 by Yasmine Mabsout, a fashion designer from Tripoli Lebanon. Yasmine M. has mainly 2 lines of products: - The first one is its yearly Fall/Winter & Spring/Summer collections that we are producing for the 5th year since 2011. In which we mainly focused on tops, dresses & jackets, as we saw a great need in the local market in Lebanon where our products are practical, affordably elegant with quality of textile. - Our second line of products that was launched 2 years ago is the Custom Made, those are handmade dresses made to fit the need of every lady depending on here specific requirements with high quality of textile that reflects luxury and elegancy. This line has been growing well and we see a promising future for it.


Founded in 2011
2 Employee(s)