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Achraf Al Faraj

  • Name Achraf Al Faraj

  • Membership Type Wantrepreneur

  • Headline Dr.

  • Organization American University of Science and Technology

  • Registred For 1 year 7 months

  • Biography *: 
    Dr. Al Faraj is currently the Chairman of Radiologic Sciences department and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences, American University of Science and Technology (AUST). Having a great passion in multidisciplinary biomedical research, Dr. Al Faraj is currently leading several generously funded international projects that generally aim to develop innovative approaches to progress the medical and healthcare sciences. Dr. Al Faraj scientific work mainly focus on developing noninvasive multimodality imaging protocols (i.e. MRI) and applying novel nanoparticles as drug delivery systems or nanomedicines for early and better diagnosis and therapy of various cancerous and lung inflammatory diseases.

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