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Sarah khatib

  • Name Sarah Khatib

  • Membership Type Wantrepreneur

  • Headline pharamcist, healthcare risk managment

  • Organization dawek daweyi

  • Registred For 2 years 11 months

  • Biography *: 
    Pharmacist with a pharm D degree, graduated from the lebanese university faculty of pharmacy in 2009; I have also a masters degree in risk management in healthcare institutions (France) and a diploma in clinical research. i have 3 years experience in clinical pharmacy (AUBMC), 1 year in community pharmacy(Beirut) and 6 months in research(AUBMC). Currently I’m a lecturer at the Lebanese university faculty of public health (radiology and laboratory department). In the last year, I was enrolled in some local projects in the field of healthcare risk management in Tripoli, in collaboration with some private institutions (social services; LEAD) and with the municipality of Tripoli. I ‘m aiming to establish my own project that will help the evolution of the health system in Tripoli.