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Maya Baghdadi

  • Name Maya Baghdadi

  • Membership Type Mentor

  • Headline Consultant

  • Organization Save the Children

  • Registred For 2 years 8 months

  • Biography *: 
    A tireless Seeker, life time learner, a business developer and consultant I had a rounded experience in business development and consultancy and I am passionate about creating a difference in my community. Driven by my believe that creating value is all about identifying problems and figuring out solutions I decided long ago to be a fixer. I started finding ways to neutralize weaknesses and capitalize on strength in order to move forward in the direction of my vision. Whether it is people, projects or organizations, there are always problems that need to be fixed, there is always this hidden ingredient that everybody missed there are always those Eureca moments that no one tried hard enough to reach and this X-factor that no one was able to get. What I do is paying enough attention to understand. In short my experience was an intersection between horizontal lines of design and vertical lines of implementation creating few stops of success and many trains to new inquiries and ambitions. Because I am a seeker and a life time learner I have also became a coach willing to sit with you and ask the right questions and fix it.