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Vote Counts: 332
Gasofeel is a new smart device that is mounted under any Gas cylinder, it will calculate the remaining gas, and it detects any leakage caused due to bad installation, in addition, GasoFeel smart application will monitor all information needed about the gas cylinder with its consumption on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
Vote Counts: 318
Chemrec is a startup developing innovative technologies in the environment and green energy field.. we are currently designing a smart collection machine for household's used cooking oil collection that will be converted in a second stage to biodiesel, a green sustainable fuel.
Vote Counts: 259
Tap n Learn
Tap n Learn an education platform that uses specific animation techniques that fit the attention span of students.
Vote Counts: 163
Heart defender
Heart Defender provides a hands-free mechanical CPR machine that performs continuous high-quality external chest compressions for people facing cardiac arrests.
Vote Counts: 109
Clickoship is an automation tool that helps E-commerce platforms that rely on drop shipping, speed up their process of customizing and ordering their products.
Vote Counts: 77
AD-mission is an App that motivates people to interact more with ads by becoming ad creators through an engaging reward system between them and brands.
Vote Counts: 60
DNi is a home genetic test that can provide interesting insights to learn more about your ancestry, health and traits by analyzing your DNA
Vote Counts: 36
Visonarty is an online platform that connects talented artists with the world of entertainment and show business by using an AI recommendation system and Artists classification.
Vote Counts: 23
EnerCore is an online platform that supports you to reduce your electrical bills by analyzing your electrical systems and recommending necessary modifications. It offers a wide range of energy efficient products and renewable energy solutions.
Vote Counts: 20
Line Up
Social platform matching sports community and courts, helps people form teams to start a game.
Vote Counts: 19
Toystories upcyles plastic toys into beautiful customized kids resin furniture, keeping your children memories alive, as a sweet souvenir for them and a future heritage for coming generations.